Veteran writer and professor launches advanced tutoring courses to help students with college admissions essays

February 12 10:09 2018
Experienced educator and award winning writer Bianca Ambrosio has just launched her advanced tutoring services that will help students compose competitive and engaging college admissions essays.

New York – February 12, 2018 – Students having a tough time with college admissions essays or writing academic papers will now be given the most credible guide. Veteran English professor Bianca Ambrosio has just launched her advanced tutoring services to help students get accepted into colleges and also ace their academic courses with enthusiasm. Also an award winning writer, Ambrosio is looking forward to guiding those who aspire to do something big and meaningful in their lives.

The tutoring service is available for students across the Tri-State area and Ambrosio is also flexible to coach on Skype.

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the launch of my tutoring and writing coaching services this month. I am passionate about writing, have always loved to help others, and was looking for a way to combine the two – thus my new tutoring venture was born. I know college admissions essays are tough and my coaching services are aimed to mentor students about the best nuances of winning writing so that they can pass entrance tests with flying colors. My services are also available for college students who are having a hard time with academic essays,” stated Ambrosio while speaking about her new tutoring initiative.

What separates Ambrosio’s tutoring service from others is her immense expertise as both a professor and a writer. Being a seasoned educator, she knows what exactly colleges are looking for in new applicants. Moreover, she is an accomplished writer, and knows what it takes to come up with a hook that will give any essay the edge it needs. 

“While there is no dearth of tutoring services around, my service is slightly different. I am both an accomplished educator and writer and I hold great expertise in both fields, not just one. Thus, I am well aware of what is needed to compose a winning essay that will stand out among other college admissions essays. At times, it takes someone with professional writing experience to help students accomplish their goal in today’s cut-throat academic arena. And I am able to extend that needed edgy guidance to you.”

Speaking further, she stressed about her focus to help students in “selling” themselves, be it through an admissions essay or academic paper. Being a writer, Ambrosio is an expert in the art of the pitch and she coaches her students in that powerful art to make their projects sell.

Bianca is offering her FREE guide on overcoming writer’s block which will help students to pen down more in half the time. She has her own YouTube video where the award-winning writer has shared her invaluable tips about producing a great hook.

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“You must always keep in mind your target audience when you are writing anything so that you can create a product your audience will search for. Make sure your information and writing is not only compelling but thought provoking to make your write-up more appealing and authentic. And yes, when you want your writing to stand out, use a strong and unique hook that will be different from all others out there.”

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