MFES emerges as lifesaver for Americans in times of emergencies and disasters

February 05 21:45 2018
My Family Emergency Services is offering state of the art emergency preparedness membership program for American families to ensure they get the necessary help when they are caught in a mishap.

Encinitas, CA – February 5, 2018 – Disasters have staggered over 66% since 1976. While disasters can’t be avoided at times, the traumatic aftermath could be prevented to some extent if we could keep ourselves prepared for such unfortunate incidents beforehand. An Encinitas, CA based company, My Family Emergency Services, comes up as the lifesaver here. The company has promised to prepare families for disasters and emergencies all year round for less than 10 cents a day.

“Disasters can turn your whole life upside down. The scary part is that it can happen to you anywhere- at home, at school, on road and even when you are on vacation. Worst part is that the rate of disaster occurrences is rising with each passing year. Now, when an emergency strikes, most of the times we are not able to reach out personally to our loved ones for help which may take a fatal turn at times. And, this is where My Family Emergency Services comes in”, stated Leon Seabrooks, the President and CEO of My Family Emergency Services. 

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MFES is an information, identification and notification company that has been preparing Americans for emergency and disasters for more than 27 years now. Mr. Seabrooks is a military veteran as well as a seasoned all lines insurance adjuster who has traveled extensively across the US helping insurance firms and policy holders to get back to normal life after serious disasters. These experiences were the main inspirations behind the foundation of MFES in 1991.

My Family Emergency Services extends disaster preparedness membership programs for adults, children and pets. The company offers cutting edge photo ID cards, ID tags, brass whistles and Nokero© Solar Light Bulbs. MFES also carries a 24/7 notification hotline which helps the company to notify the members’ family members and friends (selected by members) to be contacted when they are caught in an emergency situation, and can’t speak for themselves.

“Families require professional assistance in preparing themselves for disasters and emergencies. And, we have come up to prepare them for such mishaps in advance to ensure they are able to put their lives back together even when an emergency strikes. Put simply, ‘we will speak for you’ when you are not being able to reach out to your near and dear ones. We will make sure you get your support group to your side in an emergency situation as fast as possible.”

An adult’s MFES membership program includes –

  • 2 Emergency ID cards
  • 2 Emergency ID tags
  • 1 brass whistle & 24/7/365 days notification hotline.

A child’s MFES membership program includes –

  • 3 Emergency ID cards
  • 2 Emergency ID tags
  • 1 brass whistle & 24/7/365 days notification hotline.

A pet’s MFES membership program includes –

  • 2 Emergency ID cards
  • 2 Emergency ID tags

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“When an emergency or disaster strikes, the first responder looks for emergency contacts where they can inform them about your situation. Our members ID cards and ID tags allow MFES to contact up to 3 loved ones immediately who has been selected as a support group. One of the members in the support group will have the members’ medical information to be given to first responders.”

For more information, please go to and if you have questions, please forward them to [email protected] The time to join is now.

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