Trump Reverses Line of “Dreamer” Song in State of the Union Speech

February 02 19:27 2018
11-year-old singer unbothered by being Trumped by President.

Columbus, OH, USA – February 02, 2018 – Modern Touch Music(MTM)/SupersonicUSA today revealed that President Donald J. Trump in his State of The Union Speech, may have either deliberately or coincidentally reversed the line from, “I’m A Dreamer,” ( sung by 11-year-old, Valeria Garcia.

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The official song of the Immigrant Alliance Ohio DACA/ #DreamActNow movement, has been getting airplay on radio stations in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit and Omaha. “It is always great to support a young local talent and even more when the message is so positive,” Daniel Melendez, Program Director, of WVKO-FM Mega 103.1 in Columbus, Ohio. This song amplifies a bipartisan bill that provides Dreamers an opportunity to obtain legal status.

“It’s possible the President heard it and came up with his line,” Tony Reynolds, writer of the song said. Near the end of the song, there is a line by rapper, Dson Cassanova, which President Trump reversed in his speech. “And I’m not upset in the slightest. We agree with his rendition too.”

Many viewers approve of Trump’s first State of the Union address according to a CBS News Poll. “There are a lot of other things more important, like the actual #DreamActNow getting signed,” Reynolds said.

MTM recently revealed that two former Grammy nominees, who are Gold and multi-platinum selling producers worked on the song, including Beau Vallis, who worked with Pharrell, and 2018 Grammy winner, Alessia Cara.

Next Big Sound, a Pandora company, which monitors the charts for Billboard Magazine’s Social Top 50, has said Garcia has reached the “Promising New Artist,” stage of her career, after this first new single!

In February she will host a contest on her page to be included in the video. Anyone can enter. “We’re hoping all American’s from all walks of life enter to be in the video,” Reynolds said. “This is a positive song and we want to keep it that way!”

Visit her Facebook page for more info.

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