The global listing of Elastos, China’s ambitious blockchain project

February 01 08:33 2018

Elastos, China’s star blockchain project, will be listed globally in Singapore on February the 1st.

The Elastos team used to be China’s leading operating system development team. Elastos determines to forge China’s best operating system by independent research and development.

Elastos used to receive a strategic investment from Foxconn, Apple’s original equipment manufacturer. Elastos’ layout is the development of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), and the smart operating system of artificial intelligence (AIS).

In 2017, the Elastos team started to transform to combine its technology with blockchain, dedicated to forging a globally leading blockchain-powered smart Internet.

The R&D of the Elastos public chain had been finished in December 2017. As one of the few blockchain projects with open-source independent public chain, Elastos has been reported by media (People’s Daily Online and Xinhua News Agency) with China government background. It is graded as the first place of ‘2018 Blockchain Projects Most Worthy of Attention’ by many reputable technology magazines in the States.

The security department of Alibaba, China’s largest electronic commerce company, and the Central Research Institute of Huawei, the globally largest ICCT enterprise, have communicated and cooperated with the Elastos team for many times.

SAIC Motor, China’s largest automotive manufacturer, has signed development collaboration agreement of smart driving with Elastos (SAIC Motor is Tesla’s state-owned automobile manufacturing partner in China).

This Elastos project has obtained angel investments from China’s largest blockchain companies including Bitmain who has supercomputing mining machine (China’s largest blockchain computing enterprise), NEO (the project that has highest market value in China), and Huobi (one of the three big digital exchanges in China).

Elastos openly chooses talents from China’s best universities including Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Meanwhile, Elastos builds an ecology base in Silicon Valley in the States, which prepares more technicians for the Elastos project. It also receives attention from Xiao-Ping Xu, who is an angel investor strongly interested in Elastos ecology and ecology-related investment.

The blockchain industry development adds new vigor to China’s technology creativity. China government’s 13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development states the terms of blockchain technology.

AS China’s top blockchain project, Elastos’ strong ambition and long-term plan make people feel pleasantly surprised.

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